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I was just having a look at this weeks wordtracker ("What are people searching for on the Web?") keywords and I saw that number 1 on the list of Top 200 long term keywords, is MySpace and it was search 217,826 times. It got me thinking that maybe I should change my site name to MySpace on It would certainly move my site up in Google’s page rank. Last time I checked my pagerank was not really very high. I am still getting a steady stream of visitors though, last count was 500 unique visitors for the month of May.

I was learning how trackback works today and found this awesome article which explains it very easily. The reason why I wanted to trackback, is that a friend of mine over at his Streetcrew blog mentioned a really cool site which allows you to download videos from YouTube or other popular flash based video sites. You can save these videos on your hard drive for later offline viewing or even email then to your friends and family. If you would like to check out the article here is the link.

Well it’s way past my bedtime so I will say…

I am JMR and this is My Little Corner (or MySpace) on


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  1. Afflict says:

    Wow that track back is pretty awesome, I like it. And I will be sure to use it. I just love the way knowledge spreads between blogs.

  2. Teli Adlam says:

    Hello JMR,
    Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for linking to my tutorial on trackbacks; I’m very glad to see that it’s doing others some good. :)

    Regarding ranking for certain keywords, in some instances, it’s best to go with the long tail theory and rank for related keywords that are more targeted. Visitors who use more specific key terms are usually more likely to complete a task than someone just out for info. ;)

    ~ Teli

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